The cost effective way to boost workplace health: Fans

Whether you’re considering installing exhaust fans to remove harmful fumes, or using ceiling fans to moderate the temperature in your workplace, an efficient ventilation system installed by a licensed Melbourne electrician can make your workplace safer and more comfortable for your workers. And happy and healthy staff members are great for your bottom line.

Ceiling fans

Don’t dismiss ceiling fans as an appliance that simply moves around stale air. Installing ceiling fans is a practical way to create a pleasant work environment, and save you money at the same time.

In Summer

When the weather is hot and humid, ceiling fans make it easy to keep your workplace cool. The motion of the ceiling fans continuously pushes the air down and outwards, creating a cooler and more comfortable space. Simply open the windows to allow the hot air to escape and let your ceiling fans do the rest.

In Winter

Many people don’t realise that ceiling fans are also very useful winter appliances. Hot air from your heaters naturally rises and gathers close to the ceiling. The rotation of a ceiling fan’s blades pushes the warm air back down into the lower part of the room, keeping the space warm to work in, and helping cut down on the cost of your heating by making it more efficient.

Using air conditioners to heat and cool your workplace is hard on your budget, and the environment. Ceiling fans are more environmentally friendly, and energy efficient, whether you are using them to cool in summer or make your winter heating more efficient.

Ask one of our Melbourne electricians about installing ceiling fans, and reduce your reliance on air conditioning. Click here to read some helpful tips on choosing the right ceiling fan.

Exhaust fans

Exhaust fans are very important in workplaces where excessive fumes, vapour, dust or other toxic contaminates are produced. Regular desk or floor fans are not effective methods of ventilation in these situations, as they usually blow the contaminant around the workplace rather than removing it.

Exhaust fans work in a similar way to a household vacuum cleaner that is used to suck up lint and dust. The contaminant is whisked away before it reaches your workers. Exhaust fans should be considered in your workplace if:

  • The work produces air contaminants that are a health risk.
  • Fumes or dust are generated in large quantities.
  • You are concerned about heating costs in winter due to other ventilation methods.
  • The production of contaminants is close to workers. Using exhaust fans can help ensure your workplace remains a healthy and productive place for your employees to work in.

The benefits are clear

As you can see, having an adequate ventilation system that includes ceiling fans and exhaust fans in the workplace can have numerous benefits for your workers, the environment and your back pocket.

For a well-designed system that will handle all your ventilation requirements, contact a commercial electrician. Melbourne residents can call Electricians Today. Our network of accredited and experienced electricians will be happy to discuss your needs.

Find out more about our fan installation services or call us on 1800 981 993 for advice.

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