Emergency Lights: Not Just for Aircraft!

When you think of exit lighting or emergency lighting, you likely think of the row of lights that marches along the floor of an aircraft to show passengers the way to the door in an emergency.

Emergency lights operate on a system that doesn’t require electricity, so if the power supply is cut, they remain illuminated. This type of lighting is also found in many buildings such as nursing homes, schools, hotels and multi-storey offices and dwellings. It can also be used in your home.

Using emergency lights in your home

Now think about the last time your domestic power supply was abruptly cut off due to a storm or other incident. How long did it take you to locate a torch, and did the torch have working batteries? How secure did you feel going up or down those steep stairs in the dark? Remember the relief you felt when the lights eventually came back on?

If you didn’t feel safe during a minor inconvenience, imagine if a fire caused a blackout and you needed to get out of your house fast. Seeing clearly in an emergency situation can be the difference between injury and getting out unscathed.

Two types of emergency lights

Typically, there are two main types of emergency lights: maintained or non-maintained.

Maintained emergency lighting means the light remains permanently on regardless of whether the power is on or off. A non-maintained emergency light only illuminates when the power supply is cut off. Some modern emergency lighting models can be set as maintained or non-maintained within a single unit. Some models of non-maintained emergency lights require regular testing.

Where to install emergency lights in your home

Install emergency lights in areas that may be hazardous or confusing in the dark, and areas that lead to an exit. Stairs, steps, ramps and areas that have uneven flooring should be illuminated in an emergency situation, along with passageways and corridors that change direction. Rooms that don’t have windows, such as bathrooms and toilets, can also be difficult to navigate in a power blackout. Installing an emergency light above the doorway can help.

Straightforward installation and maintenance

Depending on the size of your property and how much lighting it requires, exit and emergency lighting can usually be installed quickly and cost effectively by a commercial electrician.

Electricians Today can provide a Melbourne electrician to discuss and install emergency lighting in your home, and ensure your exit lighting is always working to safeguard your family and your property in the event of a power outage.

To find out more about our installation services or for advice call us on 1800 981 993.

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