How to ensure electrical safety while you’re away from home

Going on holiday is exciting but when you get back you want your home to be in the same good condition as it was when you left. Right? If you’re planning a trip away it’s important to be aware of electrical safety and take a few precautions to reduce your risk of fire or an electrical problem causing damage to your home and property.

That is the not the kind of welcome home you want!

Check that everything is unplugged

Before you leave your home do a quick check to make sure any non-essential appliances are switched off and unplugged, especially heaters, straightening irons and anything else that could cause a fire. Even if something is switched off at the wall it’s still a good idea to unplug it just to be on the safe side.

Use timers for lights

For security purposes you probably don’t want to advertise the fact that your home is empty. Using a timer switch for lights means that they can come on and off for a few hours in the evenings and give the impression that someone is home.

Make sure the timer you use is appropriate for the environment. Indoor timers shouldn’t be used in outdoor areas as this can be dangerous. If you want to put outdoor lights on a timer make sure you purchase an outdoor timer.

Check essential appliances are in good working order

If you need to leave lights on make sure they aren’t faulty. Check over any other appliances or devices that you plan to leave on, including televisions and radios if you plan to set them to come on with a timer switch.

If you suspect an appliance is faulty have a professional to check for you, or consider turning it off so you can attend to repair or replacement when you return from your holiday.

Make sure your smoke alarm is working

Always check your smoke alarms before you go away and change the batteries if necessary. Let a trusted neighbour know that you’ll be away so they know to investigate or call 000 if they hear your smoke alarm activate – people often assume it’s only a case of burnt toast when they hear a neighbour’s smoke alarm.

Planning and taking steps to ensure your home is electrically safe before you leave can help you relax and enjoy your holiday. A last minute room-to-room check will ensure you don’t spend your trip to the airport worrying that you left the iron on!

If you are going away and want an experienced electrician to help you ensure your home is safe contact us at Electricians Today. We are fully licenced and highly experienced Melbourne electricians and we can assist by carrying out a wiring safety check or attending to other electrical issues before you go.

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