Home Automation Systems: What You Need to Know

Home automation systems have been talked about for years now, but they haven’t really become popular until recently. Now the rough edges have been smoothed away and a home automation system is an affordable option for controlling things like lights and appliances.

No more wondering if you switched off the air conditioning, or forgot to leave an outside light on!

What is home automation?

Although the phrase home automation means different things to different people, basically it means having remote control for actions within your home. Although there are countless things home automation systems can do, here is a list of the basic functions.

  • Turn your air conditioner or heater on and off.
  • Manipulate your home theatre system.
  • Control your home’s lighting.
  • Pipe music to different rooms at different times.
  • Switch household appliances on or off.
  • Open or close doors, windows, curtains and your garage door.

How does home automation work?

For your home to be automated, one thing is required to tell another thing what to do over a network using a protocol. Sound complicated? Fortunately it isn’t as tricky as it may appear, especially if you hire a Melbourne electrician to get your home automation system up and running.

Automation can be achieved a number of different ways, all using home automation software. For example, your system can be set up through your electrical system, over your home’s Wi-Fi network, or you can have Wi-Fi home automation software installed on your mobile phone. Open source home automation software can also be downloaded from the internet, and installed at no cost.

How much home automation do I need?

The best home automation systems incorporate all your home technologies into one easy-to-use system. While home automation ideas are almost limitless, home automation systems aren’t meant to be complicated.

You can start by simply automating whichever functions you carry out the most, in order to make your life easier. The level of control you need depends very much on your individual circumstances.

Although home automation systems can be purchased in DIY kits, unless you have some experience in the area, it’s a smart idea to have your home automation system designed and installed by a commercial electrician.

Melbourne residents can contact Electricians Today. We will provide a professional electrician to do the job with high quality components, and our work has a two-year warranty.

Find out more about our home automation services or call us on 1800 981 993 for advice.

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