How to choose between electrical companies

We tend to take for granted the electrical wiring and equipment in our homes and workplaces – well, until a failure or outage reminds us how much we depend on electricity! It’s important to find an electrical contractor whom you can trust to provide the level of service that you need for your home or business. What are some of the things that you should consider when choosing between electrical companies in Melbourne?


There are hundreds of electrical companies operating in the Melbourne area. To narrow down your search for a good electrician, look for a contractor whose business is based near you.


A one-man electrical business may be highly skilled but may not be able to respond quickly to emergency calls. Bigger electrical companies across Melbourne might have large workforces, but may struggle to provide a friendly, personal service. Look for an electrical company business that is the right size for your needs.

Customer service focus

Your electrical needs are likely to be unpredictable, and may range from minor electrical repairs, through maintenance programs to major installation work. Look for an electrical company that focuses on your needs, and is comfortable to tackle a project of any size, large or small. It’s also important to find a Melbourne electrician who values your time, and understands how downtime is likely to affect your household or your business.

Professional approach

It goes without saying that any electrician you trust to work in your home or business must be fully qualified and licensed. Always look for electrical companies with staff trained to work efficiently and effectively. For electrical trouble-shooting and fault-finding, it’s vital to have a systematic, analytical approach that identifies and solves the problem quickly.


When an electrician provides a guarantee it’s an indication that the electrical company is confident that workmanship will be of a high standard. When searching for electricians, Melbourne homeowners and business owners need to look for evidence of quality workmanship.


Expect a good electrician to provide you with a detailed written quote, to explain anything you are uncertain about, and to keep you informed about progress on your job. A professional electrician will take pride in completing jobs on time and within budget.


You can be sure that a skilled, honest, electrical professional will not go unnoticed in Melbourne. Asking friends and colleagues for recommendations is a great way to find a good electrical company.

It might take a little while to find an electrician who can meet all of your needs. Your search for good electrical companies should start soon. You never know when you’ll need help urgently, and looking through Yellow Pages when the lights in your home have failed is not the best way to find a good electrician!

If you’re looking for a trusted and reliable electrical company in Melbourne, call us on 1800 981 993. Our domestic and commercial electricians can help you reduce your energy usage and your bills!

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