Your essential checklist to finding a commercial electrician, Melbourne

Commercial enterprises rely heavily on electrically powered services, including communications and data processing installations. When you need a commercial electrician for repair work, scheduled maintenance or a major installation, you want an electrician who provides high quality, reliable electrical services.

Talking to satisfied clients who are happy to recommend an electrical contractor is an effective way of finding the kind of commercial electrician Melbourne businesses need. In addition to word-of-mouth recommendations, a few minutes of online research can help identify a short list of electrical contractors, local to Melbourne, who can fulfil your needs.

To whittle down your options down to a manageable short list of commercial electricians, these four characteristics are essential: quality workmanship, timekeeping, professional approach and price.


TIP: Look for a commercial electrician who is confident they will do a high quality job. When a commercial electrician complies with Australian standards and provides a guarantee, it’s a sign of confidence in their own workmanship. It’s also an indication that you can expect any issues to be rectified without fuss.


TIP: Look for a reliable commercial electrical contractor who honours project deadlines, and keeps appointments. Equipment breakdowns and downtime, and delays in completing installation projects, can all cause serious disruption to your commercial operations in Melbourne. They can also harm your reputation, which can have a negative effect on your business revenue.

A commercial electrician who is serious about keeping your project on schedule understands that your time is valuable, and will strive to work efficiently and avoid delays in starting or completing projects.


TIP: Check that work will be done by fully trained and qualified tradespeople. The smooth running of your Melbourne business depends on safe electrical installations and equipment and a reliable, uninterrupted supply of electricity. When entrusting work on electrical installations and equipment to a commercial electrician, Melbourne business owners need to be sure that workers are properly qualified and licensed.

It’s also important to ensure your commercial electrician holds appropriate insurance for workers’ compensation, public liability and professional indemnity, and that work will be undertaken in compliance with Australian safety standards.


TIP: When comparing quotes look for the offer that provides the best long-term value. It will not necessarily be the lowest price, but may include things like services that have the potential to save on energy costs. As with most services, price is going to be a factor when you choose a commercial electrician. Melbourne businesses should always ask for detailed quotes from at least three local electricians and ask for clarification of any matter that you’re uncertain about.

Finding a commercial electrician who will provide your Melbourne business with the level of service you expect may take a little time. Don’t put off your search; you never know when you might need a commercial electrician at short notice.

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