Supply and Installation of R.C.D’s – Safety Switches

RCD Safety Switch Installations in Melbourne

An RCD (residual-current device), is a safety device that provides a fast power cut-off whenever an imbalance is detected in a circuit. These imbalances can be caused through the body of a person, who accidentally touches the energized part of the circuit. Without the proper installation of an RCD, lethal shock can result. RCD’s are designed to disconnect quickly enough to protect from the harm caused by such shocks. Electricians Today’s professional electricians have the skills and know-how to install these crucial safety features.

  • Supply and installation of RCD’s
  • Supply and installation of safety switches
  • Supply and installation of surge protectors

Supply and installation of R.C.D’s – safety switches is just one of the many electrical services Electricians Today’s professional team of domestic electricians offers customers across Melbourne. Contact us today and discover how Electricians Today can help you.