Why you should never attempt DIY electrical repairs

There are few things more satisfying than standing back to admire a DIY job well done. Learning DIY skills and applying them to jobs around the house is personally rewarding, and can also save you money. Some DIY skills can be learnt by trial and error, and you can develop more complex skills by taking classes, or watching instructional videos. There are many classes where a DIY enthusiast can learn about topics like woodworking, carpentry, garden maintenance and upholstery, but you won’t find classes about electrical wiring and electrical repairs featuring on the curriculum of adult education colleges.

There’s a very good reason why and it’s quite simple really. It is illegal for anyone other than a licensed electrician to do electrical work, or carry out electrical repairs in Melbourne.

Why are DIY electrical repairs illegal

Simply put, attempting DIY electrical repairs is taking your life in your hands. Electric shock can cause severe injuries or even death, and fires caused by faulty DIY electrical repairs can severely damage your property. If you do your own electrical repairs in Melbourne you also risk being prosecuted and fined, and having illegal wiring in a building can affect property insurance cover.

Qualified Melbourne electricians, like Electricians Today, have undertaken years of apprenticeship training, and they fully understand the inherent hazards and risks of electrical work. They are also equipped with appropriate tools, and wear protective clothing to minimise the risk of electrocution. Without training in electrical repairs you will be unaware of all of the dangers of coming into contact with electricity inside or outside the home. For example, you may not know that:

  • Wearing rubber-soled shoes does not necessarily protect you from electric shocks.
  • It’s dangerous to try to move fallen power lines using a wooden broom handle.
  • It’s dangerous to try to clear debris from fallen power lines, even when wearing rubber boots and rubber gloves.
  • When using power tools outdoors, it’s essential to use extension cords specifically designed for use outdoors.

Never attempt to do electrical repairs yourself. When there’s a need for an electrician, Melbourne residents should always call on a licensed contractor. Using a licensed electrician to undertake electrical repairs will protect you, your family, and your home from risks, and ensure that the work is done safely and legally, without compromising your home insurance.

If you’re looking for a qualified Melbourne electrician who won’t compromise the safety of your home or person, call us on 1800 981 993. Our domestic and commercial electricians can help you reduce your energy usage and your bills!

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